- Who can rent a mailbox from you?

Anyone can rent a mailbox, companies, associations and individuals. You can only order a mailbox here on the website or by visiting our office at Renstiernas gata 23. It is not possible to order mailboxes at our delivery points.

- Can I rent a mailbox without a Bank ID?

And! Visit our office at Renstiernas gata 23, and we will help you. Bring valid ID or passport.

- Can I rent a mailbox with Protected Personal Information?

And! Contact us on 08-743 07 70 or visit our office at Renstiernas gata 23, and we will help you.

- Can I pay per month?

Yes! When you check out the shopping cart here on the website, you can choose KLARNA as a payment option, then you can pay per month via them. Our shortest rental period is today six months.

- I have ordered a mailbox what is the address?

After ordering, you will normally receive a digital agreement from us within 24 hours. You must fill it in and sign with Bank ID. If you are missing your Bank ID, contact us by email or visit our office. When we have received the signed agreement, you will receive a confirmation from us with your new address and other info.

- How do I change the code on my mailbox?

We have mailboxes with both key and code. If you have received a mailbox with a code, you may want to change the code. You do it easily yourself. Unlock the box with the code you received from us. When the box is unlocked, set your new code. Then lock the box and make sure it is the correct code that you see BEFORE you mix the numbers.

A short instructional video can be found here >>

- My key or code does not work?

If the code or key to the mailbox does not work, contact the office for help 08-743 07 70 or by e-mail We can change the code free of charge once, after that we charge SEK 250/per time. We will fix any errors within 4 working days.

- Secrecy?

There are endless reasons to rent a mailbox. We at Postbox24 believe in a very high degree of personal integrity. Information about you as a customer is not disclosed to anyone, not to any registers or to any authorities. For each customer's security, mail is never handed out or forwarded without the customer or courier having identified themselves with a valid ID document. When deciding on a house search by a prosecutor, however, we are obliged to disclose the information we have about a customer according to law.

- Can you register at your address?

No! It is not possible to live in a mailbox, so you can not register at our addresses. No serious player offers this service.

- What can the mailbox be used for?

Mailboxes are mainly used as a special postal address, where the address is reported to the Swedish Tax Agency and used as a postal address for authorities and companies. You can also only use forwarding and have your mail sent here temporarily or indefinitely to get a better control of your mail.

Read more here >>

- Can you register a company in a mailbox?

Companies can register their address in a mailbox and use it as a company address with the Swedish Companies Registration Office.

Read more here >>

- Can you draw a mailbox on site?

Of course we can help you with the registration on site. Visit our office and we will help you. For opening hours visit KONTAKT.

- Digital postbox?

We offer customers digital mailboxes, we scan and send your letters to you, 30 letters / month.

- How is scanned mail stored?

We store the documents digitally as e-mail in our cloud service. These files are automatically cleaned out every three months. The physical mail is stored in our premises for a month, after which the mail is thrown away.

- Can you share a mailbox?

We allow a maximum of five individuals or companies per mailbox. For companies and associations with special needs, we can offer tailor-made solutions, contact us and we will help you.

- Will there be mail to anyone else in my mailbox?

Unfortunately, it happens that a previous tenant does not change his address from us when the mailbox is closed. It also happens that a closed mailbox may contain mail for a previous tenant as he did not empty his mailbox when it was closed. We do our utmost to avoid that mail to a previous tenant is sorted out,if you still receive incorrect mail in your mailbox, we ask you to place it on top of the cabinet. We take care of the mail, investigate the addressee, notify the Swedish Tax Agency and return the undeliverable mail to the sender according to 9§ Post layers.